Dressed and hogtied

A True Story from the sixties



Although the following happened to me many years ago, it is still something that I often think about, since it is probably one of the best bondage experiences of my life. As is often the case with true stories, you are tempted to add  a little bit of fantasy, and I am sure you can imagine what little extras could have made the story perfect, but I have decided to tell only what truly happened even though I could have wished details to have been different.

We have to travel back to the late sixties, I think spring 68 when I was close to 15 years old . For several years I had borrowed my mothers clothes and scarves. She kept the clothes she no longer used in a room in the cellar of our house, mostly things from fifties and early sixties I believe.     

        I often went down there when I was alone in the house, put on a skirt and tied myself with some scarves, but gradually I started to imagine how it would be to be tied up by a girl or a woman, so I began planning how this could happen. I also tried to go out into our large garden, feel the wind blowing in my skirt and headscarf and masturbated having a wonderful time, but as You know, after a climax I completely lost interest and always wanted the game to be stopped as quickly as possible.

      We had a cleaning lady (Mrs. N) coming to our house once a week, and  I managed to make up some stories about  bondage games that I played with friends, and since I could not escape their bondage, would she help me practice a little. She laughed and said yes. She was a normally looking woman in her early forties dressing as women did then. Skirt or dress and a coat and often wearing silk headscarves. So one day I rushed home from school, knowing that my parents would not return for several hours. I got hold of a couple scarves and she tied my hands behind my back and then my ankles and left me on the sofa. But to my great disappointment, I was free in less than one minute. In the months following that, we tried this game a few times in our cellar and I even found an excuse one day to wear one of my mothers old skirts, saying that I did not want to ruin my trousers. But every time with the same result, I could easily free myself.

      I think she maybe thought I wanted to be able to free myself, so slowly I started to develop the ultimate plan, so this is where the story really begins.

    I knew that my parents ( teachers) were going away for 5 days on a school trip and I was not going with them. They were leaving on a Monday morning in late April and returning Friday afternoon. When finally the week came, I managed to catch a cold, so they left and told me to be careful not to get worse. They would call back every evening.

    Then the preparation started. First I decided to lock the door to the master bedroom where all the familys clothes were kept, making up an excuse for that. Then I went down in the cellar room and began to remove all clothes that were not suitable for my show. After a while only soft and silky skirts, dresses and blouses and underwear were in the room and everything else was in 2 large bags that I carried to the locked room.  My own clothes were also kept there, only what I was wearing would be in my own room. I prepared the silk scarf collection consisting of both my mothers and my own secret ones. Altogether more than 25.

     Then late at night I dressed in a skirt and coat with a scarf over my head and crawled through a hole in the fence I had secretly made into our neighbours garden  and found a secure place to hide the key to the master bedroom.

     Now I was facing 3 major problems

   1. What would Mrs. N be wearing tomorrow ? If she wore trousers she might offer to lend them to me and thus ruin my plan.

   2. I had planned to climax in bondage shortly before I would be released. If it worked I would still have no choice but to wear female clothes for the rest of the day until I could get the key after dark.

3 Would the bondage I had prepared work, or would she refuse to tie me in the way I had planned.

     I went to sleep, but got up early Tuesday morning to be ready. I placed my last bits of own underwear and pajamas in the big basket by  the door, and went to bed naked.

    As usual she arrived 8.30 AM. I heard the door being opened  she had her own key) and the large bag being taken and the door locked again. I went to the window and saw her taking it out to her friends car. She was also a cleaning lady and they always went together.

They would take it to the launderette by car and Mrs. N would walk the 10 minutes back to our house, and my parents would collect it the next day. I saw her get into the car and drive away. I was very lucky. She was wearing not only a skirt and a jacket and a scarf around her neck but also her wonderful large green headscarf. I was almost shivering with delight as I went back to bed and waited. About 20 minutes later I could see her from the window entering the garden. It was now or never. I went to bed with my so called cold, which had mysteriously vanished, and waited till I heard the door being opened.

I called her name and she seemed very surprised that I was not at school but I told her about the cold, but that I was well and would go to school the day after tomorrow. I told her I did not want to stay in bed, but would she help me find some clothes, since by accident my parents had brought with them the key to the master bedroom, so I had nothing to wear. And I just took the dirty clothes away she said. That does not matter, maybe we can find something in the room downstairs I said.

I took a towel around me and we went down there. You will have to help me, I said , there are only skirts and dresses. She smiled a bit but agreed. What should I put on, I asked. She looked at some of the skirts and decided that I should try a narrow black skirt with a silk lining.. This was not my plan since I wanted to be tied up in a loose silky skirt. So I had to suggest that to her, already now jumping to the subject of bondage. She looked a bit surprised, maybe also because I seemed a little embarrassed. Where do you want to be tied up, she asked. On a mattress in the garden I said, it is warmer outside than here in the cellar. If you intend to be outside, you have to wear real underwear she said. She started looking through the box and picked up a suspender belt, nylon stockings, and a black silk slip. There was only one pair of silky panties so she took them too. I had planned on the slip and panties but not the stockings, because I wanted to feel the silky skirt and slip on my legs. I asked if I had to wear stockings, but she insisted. I first put on the panties, then she helped with the suspender belt and stockings. You have to put the suspenders under the panties to make a visit to the toilet easier, she said. Just as she helped me with that, she noticed that the panties were pretty stained. (by my masturbation)  I will hand wash them and you can have them later. That was not good news, They were basically there to keep my penis close to the body, and hide an erection if it came at the wrong time, but I had to do as she told me. So on with the slip and off with the panties. She then found a pleated green and black silk dress that my mother was still sometimes wearing, This was not my first choice but fine. Maybe I should wear a scarf around my neck in order not to catch a cold again I said. She agreed, took one, folded it into a broad band, tied it around my neck and tucked it under the dress. I was ready for bondage. Just tell me when you want to be tied up she said.

     I asked if I could show her how to tie my hands securely so I did not manage get free so easily. She agreed and I took one scarf and wrapped it twice round my wrists and tied two knots and then told her how to hide the knots and then use one more scarf to cinch tightly. She managed to do so, and I was pleased. I told her I would also gag myself with a scarf in my mouth and one over the mouth. I would try to learn to speak through the gag, I said. Under no circumstances were she to remove the scarf before the end of the session I assured her that if I wanted to be released I would spit out the scarf and talk to her. She agreed and I assured her, that it would be great fun for me to practice freeing myself, and thus surprise my so called friends later.

I then told her how I would hogtie myself, and that she just had to come and cinch the hands tightly, leave me for 20 minutes, then return and blindfold me, and then leave me for another maybe 20 minutes, If I had not freed myself by then, she should give me a chance of another 10 minutes and then release me. And could we please maybe use her green headscarf as a blindfold as it would work well I suggested. She smiled and said yes, and here in later years I think perhaps she started understanding a little bit. I told her to come to the garden 20 minutes later

I put on some sandals and went out in the garden. I had to be careful for about 20 meters because I could be seen from the street, then I reached a secluded part of the garden that could not be seen by anybody except the neighbor whom I had seen leave earlier by car for work

It was a sunny but windy morning and things were well, but I had problems with my growing erection due to the wind blowing up under the slip, I had counted on the panties to hide it but they were being hand washed and both the slip and the dress were very loose and did not hide much. I put the mattress on the lawn and put 2 blankets on top of it, and went down to get the scarves. I was very hard now but could do little about it. Down there I had decided to start with the gag. But first I put on a condom since I had no intention of ruining the clothes. The gag  had to be effective but not look too dramatic. I started by stuffing my mouth with a rolled up scarf, then my own invention that I still use today, which is putting on a headscarf, but instead of tying it under the chin I tied it between the teeth with one knot and then the ends of the scarf tied tightly behind my neck, a sort of Audrey Hepburn gag. Then a long scarf tied over the mouth to hold everything in position. This looked too dramatic so I went to the mirror and tied a scarf over the others so when you looked at me it seemed that I had only been gagged lightly. I pushed all I could with my tongue, but it was secure. I then took the scarves I needed and went into the garden again.

The wind was constantly blowing up under my dress and for the first time I was glad I was wearing stockings, the silk slip and. dress rubbing directly on my legs would maybe have been disastrous and brought climax too soon and it would already have been too late to stop the game. I sat down on the mattress, took off my sandals and tied my ankles together. Then I took a large scarf and tied it between my ankles hiding the knots with the others, so that it formed a big loop to be used to create a hogtie.

I lay down on my stomach making sure that slip and dress were well below my knees and tested how strict the hogtie would be. I did not like it too strict because it would make movements difficult and I liked to be able to struggle and feel the clothes and scarves sliding against my skin. Also I did not want the hogtie to look too shocking to her. I put my hands behind my back and through the scarf I had prepared and then a through the loop and tightened the scarf with two knots. I had often come to this point when trying self bondage, but it only took about half a minute to free my hands, but now it would soon be for real, and for the first time I was getting a bit worried, my erection fell and I got a bit scared, but shortly after I heard footsteps, and I saw her coming around the corner, unlike me, she did not have to sneak around the garden because she was wearing a skirt, she just walked up to me and looked at me, she did seem a bit surprised at what she saw, but she did not scream or run away. She was carrying the green scarf in her hand and put it on the table next to my mattress. Are you sure this is not too much she said. I shook my head, you will tell me if  I hurt you, she said. I nodded but although a bit scared, I had to go on, and  should I ever try this, I would never get a better opportunity.

So I will tie you, she said and knelt beside me and tied the ends of the scarf as I had told her hiding the knots from my fingers. Then she took the last of the scarves beside me, folded it into a narrow band and started to cinch my wrists as I had taught her. It was a fairly large silk scarf so it went through my tied wrists maybe five times with knots every time, it was very tight and the last knots were placed completely out of reach. She got up and said, I will come back later and blindfold you  and then she looked at me and left. I tested the bondage trying to free my hands, but this time it was for real.

     So finally I was going to find out what it was like to be dressed in silky female clothing and hogtied and gagged with silk scarves. The excitement returned as I started struggling. I was not worried, Mrs. N was in the house, nobody other than her would see me, she would return later and blindfold me with this wonderful scarf on the table, then she would return later and finally give me another 10 minutes where I would work myself to a climax before I would either free myself or be untied by her. The biggest problem was the fact that I would have to wear womens clothes until late this night when I could recover the key.

     I was in heaven. I could struggle and moan but all knots were secure. I was harder than ever,  I would have to be very careful not to climax, so I had to roll to my side in order not to rub myself to early disaster. Then after a while I suddenly saw her coming, oh no all too soon I thought. I hoped that she had not seen my erection which was very obvious through the loose dress. She was wearing her jacket, and in her hand I saw the wet panties which she placed on the table to dry. Well how are you doing, she asked, picking up the green scarf but instead of preparing a blindfold, she put it on and tied it under her chin while she told me we were out of soap and washing powder, and that she would go to the supermarket and get some. I will be back in 10 minutes and then I shall blindfold you. She then took one of our bicycles and went out the garden. I did not plan this, but I was fine and it gave me the opportunity to moan and mmmmp through the gag as loud as I could.

    During the next minutes my struggling took me constantly very close to climax,  and I found it harder and harder not to burst into a gigantic orgasm, but I was determined not to let it happen yet. I rolled to my side and tried to cool down a bit but the feeling that almost any movement and sliding towards the silk would trigger an orgasm, would not go away. 

      Then suddenly disaster struck, the neighbors door opened and closed and I heard footsteps coming towards the shed where they kept their bicycles. How could that be, I had seen the car and Mr. H leave and assumed that Mrs H was with him, they always went together on Tuesdays,

     I was in a panic What to do, in seconds she would spot me, I froze and hoped for a miracle, Mrs. H got her bicycle and started walking and then suddenly she spotted me over the low fence. In a split second we just looked at each other, neither of us believing what we saw. She must have seen everything: me gagged and hogtied with colourful silk scarves, dressed in a silk dress with a black silk slip showing together with nylon stockinged feet, and on top of that, a much too obvious bulge in the dress. My heart was beating heavily but I could do nothing. She went to the fence which was about 12 meters from me and asked : What has happened, are you hurt, who tied you, did you tie yourself Why are you wearing a dress? I was still in a panic and I could only moan through the gag. She then said:  Wait I am coming over to you. Mmmmmmmp  I tried to stop her. Once more mmmmmp but I could do nothing. It gave me very little time, no more than two minutes at the most to free myself and I had to do it. If she found me like this, it would be all over town, I thought. She must not find me like this, I could no longer see her or hear her but in less than two minutes she would be standing next to me.

I begin struggling like mad, rolling to my side, then on my back, then on my stomach while my tongue desperately works on the gag. My only thought is freeing myself, but I am tied too well and I simply cannot find a single knot nor can I remove the gag. Then suddenly disaster number two happens, just as she is approaching, I loose control of myself, I pass the point of no return, a gigantic orgasm is slowly building up, and no matter whether I am on my stomach, or on my side can I stop it. I am still totally helpless when I explode with an enormous moan. I am lying on my side, and I still remember seeing my fully erect exploding penis moving under the loose silk dress. I am shaking and moaning and unable to move when she walks towards me and stops right next to me and starts talking.  It takes about ten seconds before I manage to roll to my stomach with a smaller moan, but she must have seen everything. Imagine, dressed, hogtied and gagged with silk scarves, lying on my side, unable to move because of an overwhelming orgasm.

As I slowly recover I am a totally different person with absolutely no passion for silk scarves and dresses, I just want to get free and forget the whole thing. But I cannot, I am still dressed, hogtied and gagged and a woman around fifty wearing an everyday brown skirt, and seen from my position, a white slip and a headscarf  tied in the back of the neck is asking me questions I cannot answer. At that moment Mrs. N finally returns, rather confused to find me in the company of Mrs. H. Mrs. H directs the questions to her and Mrs. N, still not understanding my embarrassment, starts telling more or less what had happened, and even what I was wearing. She even tells about the wet panties on the table and why she had to go away. This was the worst moment of my life. I could just wait and do nothing.

But it would get even worse.

Mrs. H asked:  Are you going to untie him now.

No, Mrs. N said, he has to be blindfolded first and then left a while, I could not do it earlier because I used my scarf. Mrs. N had taken it off and folded it into a broad band, and then knelt beside me and blindfolded me tying two knots in the back of my head. Maybe I could have done something to make them release me then, but what should I have said. That it was no longer fun, that I had had enough, that I had a filled condom and no erection and facing the risk of ruining my mothers silk slip etc. No, I just had to let her tighten the green scarf leaving me in darkness. The last thing I saw was Mrs. H watching it happen. I felt the slip and dress being pulled down under my knees, the desperate struggling had left them in a mess, where possibly even the suspender belt could be seen. They talked a little and suddenly Mrs. H asked, Is he not going to try to get loose, I was fed up, but I had to put up a small controlled struggle not to seem too stupid, but then finally Mrs. H said with a low voice while they left, I do not think we should tell anyone about this, it is not normal. Maybe I was not meant to hear it, but I did, and it made me feel guilty for many years, 

   I was left alone and had given up the struggle, I had desperately tried everything, and had to wait a long time before Mrs. N from inside the house shouted that only 5 minutes remained. I tried to tell her that I had given up and she could release me, but to no use. She could no hear me and after one last futile attempt to free myself. I could only wait and curse myself, I did not manage to untie a single knot. She returned and released me. While she released me I started feeling better, I managed to walk back to the house with the scarves in front of me thus avoiding disaster. I went to my room and got hard again but still without  panties I  had to masturbate again, leaving me in the same predicament as earlier. I realized that I had to wear something tighter to hide my erection when it returned. I went to Mrs. N and said ,maybe I would try to change into the skirt you first suggested. The panties were now dry and I put them on and she told me to also take off the dress and slip but to leave the scarf. You do not wear a full slip together with a lined narrow skirt she said, Then she found a blouse and a pullover and I put those on together with the skirt. She proved to be right , it was better for me with the skirt. Even after the next climax I felt a little better and after some hours I stopped thinking about it, I kept it on for the rest of the day and after midnight I recovered the key and things went back to normal.

I had tried real bondage and although I got much more than I wanted, it is still the greatest experience of my life. Of course it would have been nice if they had done something sexually to me, but it is a true story and they did not. Maybe they sensed there was something sexually in it for me ,but they neither could nor should have done anything.


About a year later Mrs. N stopped working for us and I never saw her again.